OUAT on Twitter

Nothing else gets me more excited to be on Twitter than Once Upon A Time.

Once Upon A Time – who and what to follow:

>> The shows main Twitter @OnceABC

>> Once Upon A Fan @OnceUponAFan

>> Once Upon a Time fan group @OnceStorybrooke

>> ONCE podcast @ONCEpodcast

>> Your OUAT Source @YourOuaTSource

>> Once Upon a Time TV @OnceUponNews

>> Once Upon A Time BG (Bulgaria) @OnceBG

>> OUAT co-creator Adam Horowitz @AdamHorowitzLA

>> OUAT writer Jane Espenson @JaneEspenson

>> OUAT director David Solomon @daveland

>> Jennifer Morrison – “Emma Swan” – The hero/savior, daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White @jenmorrisonlive

>> Ginnifer Goodwin – “Snow White/ Mary Margaret” – The most badass Snow White ever @ginnygoodwin

>> Josh Dallas – “Prince Charming/ David” – Can fend off evil with sword in one hand and baby in the other @joshdallas

>> Lana Parrilla – “Evil Queen/ Regina” – Few can make evil look this sexy @LanaParrilla

>> Robert Carlyle – “Rumplestiltskin/ Mr. Gold” – Ask him if magic comes with a price, ‘dearie’ @robertcarlyle_

>> Jared Gilmore – “Henry” – Son of Emma Swan, and future dragon slayer, thanks to Grandpa Charming @Jared_Gilmore

>> Keegan Connor Tracy – “Blue Fairy/ Mother Superior” – wish upon a star @keegolicious

>> Meghan Ory – “Red/ Ruby” – remind her to wear her hood @meghanrory

>> Beverley Elliot – “Granny” – careful not to get into her silver-tipped crosshairs @TheReelBeverley

>> Lee Arenberg – “Grumpy formerly known as Dreamy/ Leroy” – time to mine for fairy dust, sister @leearenberg

>> Eion Bailey – “August/ Pinocchio” – you’ll never look at Pinocchio the same ever again @eionbailey

>>  Emilie de Ravin – “Belle” – feel like being brave @emiliederavin

>> David Anders – “Dr. Whale/ Doctor Victor Frankenstein” – be wary of this scalpel @QuestionAnders

>> Raphael Sbarge – “Archie Hopper/ Jiminy Cricket” – examine your conscience @RaphaelSbarge

>> Colin O’Donoghue – “Killian Jones/ Captain Hook” – bring on the guyliner @colinodonoghue1

>> Jamie Chung – “Mulan” – don’t call this woman, ‘girl’ @jamiechung1

>> Sarah Bolger – “Aurora/ Sleeping Beauty” – she’s slept enough, send her a tweet @SarahBolger

>> Michael Coleman – “Happy” – If you’re happy and you know and you really want to show it @1MichaelColeman

>> Faustino Di Bauda – “Sleepy” – maybe if he’s awake, he’ll answer you @FaustinoDiBauda

>> Mig Macario – “Bashful”  – if you send him a tweet, he may not be so shy @MigMacario

>> Jeffery Kaiser – “Dopey” – umm…. go Team 7? @JeffreyEKaiser

>> David-Paul Grove – “Doc” – his house calls prolly cost less than Rumple’s… @DavidPaulGrove

>> Michael Raymond-James – “Neal Casidy” – He’s probably Henry’s Father… @MRaymondJames

>> Jullian Morris – “Prince Philip” – His soul is kind of missing, but somehow he can still Tweet @Ju1ianMorris

>> Bailee Madison – “Young Snow” – So cute, just don’t ask her to keep secrets @BaileeMadison

>> Anastasia Grifith – “Princess Abigail/ Kathryn Nolan” – We’re glad Snow didn’t kill her @AnastasiaGLive

>> Jamie Dornan – “The Huntsman/ Sheriff Graham” – We all miss his, but he’s still tweetable @JamieDornan1

>> Andrew Chambliss – co-producer/ writer on OUAT @AndrewChambliss 

>> Christine Boylan – writer on OUAT @KitMoxie

>> Sarah Graham – Make-up artist on OUAT @grahamcrackerfx

>> Richard Mac khln – Hairstylist on OUAT @richlife99

_____________ I’m sure there are and will be more to add to this list. If you know anyone, or OUAT group that should be added to this list, leave it in the comments portion, or send me a tweet @vprism.


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