Breaking News: New Recurring Cast Member, Ethan Embry, to Join Once Upon A Time

OCTOBER 27, 2012 08:43 AM PDT Once Upon a Time Exclusive: Ethan Embry Books Mysterious Storybrooke Visit



Ethan Embry

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I’ve read a strange comment today, stating the ‘mysterious stranger thing is getting kind of


There is going to be so much more to say about this new character announcement, however, I’m going to have to take some time to research. I will right now say though, to squash some, already thrown out there theories- he CANNOT be Bae, and he’s NOT Peter Pan (What’d I say before about Peter Pan being the go-to-guess? lol). Just saying.

Someone on the Once Upon A Time Fans, Facebook page, mentioned he looks like a young Merlin. From a certain, upcoming-character description, I feel the Merlin theory might be more in line with solving this new mystery. I need a few days between school work, and trying to do more productive things to think, and research, but I have a feeling about this one. I’ll definitely come back to speak on this. Before though, I have some things to say about the next two episodes coming- The Doctor and Tallahassee. 

I’m excited for the Dr. Whale reveal, but more importantly, I CANNOT WAIT to, finally, get a glimpse of Emma’s back-story, and have Henry’s father revealed. I’m dying to learn how baby Henry got to Storybrooke- as I’m sure most fans are, as well.

This isn’t really an official blog post- I just feel, a new character announcement, deserves to be on the front page. All other breaking Once Upon A Time news will also be posted to this front page.

Back to why I thought that comment was strange- How can anyone be sick of the mystery, character game? Half-the-fun of this show is trying to solve these mysteries, and uncover these identities!

Yes, they’ve done it before, a few times now, but let’s enjoy the show having this on-going game. Isn’t it more fun, having us keep guessing and speculating, and making theories?

Come on. People complain about EVERYTHING. lol.

Enjoy the game, and join me in my comments and on twitter, in trying to solve these mysteries, as they say on OUAT, Together.

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** After reading this again, I have to say… he COULD still be Peter Pan. lol… We know he’s got to be out there somewhere. I’m still hoping to see the Bae/Peter Pan theory work out though. I know for certain he’s not Bae. As far as being Peter Pan, we’ll have to see. Time to do some reading and Twittering 🙂